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Space Requirements

Space Requirements

You need a space:

  • 15 feet by 15 feet for the regular bounce houses
  • 12 feet by 12 feet for the Small Bounces
  • 15 feet by 35 feet for the bounce climb combos
  • 15 feet by 40 feet for the Slide or Obstacle Course, 3N1 combos
  • 35 ft by 20 ft wide for waterslides
  • More space is advisable if you have teenagers

Other Space Requirements

  • Make sure there are no shrubs, trees, bushes, fence blocking the area. Tree branches should not be in the bounce house space, some bounces are 20 feet tall.
  • If the bounce will be in the backyard, you need to clear the area so that an outdoor trashcan can be moved in easily. The area should be relatively flat, grass is best. For surfaces such as gravel, dirt, cement, rocks please let the office know.¬† You may need to cover the area.
  • For bounce house going indoors, please find out about the height of the location, including beams and poles.
  • Backyard pathway needs to be WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE.¬†Additional charge may apply for stairs, steps, etc.


The bounce should be within 50 ft of a 110 electrical outlet and plug directly into a 20 amp dedicated circuit. We do not use the customer’s cord because it needs to be a 12-gauge cord, (yellow industrial), most orange cords are only 16-gauge. If a different gauge is used, there is a possibility of a power failure. Do not plug anything else in the same outlet as the bounce house outlet, this could also cause a power failure or circuit to trip.

Smaller Spaces

If your backyard is too small, our smaller bounces can accommodate smaller yards for kids 6 and under. Our 8×8 Castle, 10×10 Castles, 10x10House, needs a space of 12 feet by 12 feet. The 8 ft by 8 ft works well for kids 5 and under. The castles can be used indoor in case of rain and are only 8 feet tall. These can be set up in a driveway (15 feet or less). If your backyard is small and you need a regular size bounce, you still have some options. They include setting one up in the front yard, in a 2-car driveway, in a courtyard, or in a neighbor’s yard. For surfaces other than grass, such as dirt, sand, gravel, we set the bounce house on one of our tarps.